What's in the cigarette your smoking: Cigarette smokers are addicted to the number one killer in the world. Ever since the large scale industrial production early in this century, popularity of the modern cancer stick has been spreading like wildfire. Why? Because of this little addictive drug we call nicotine. Whether you smoke or chew tobacco, its the nicotine that gives you the craving and addiction to this nasty habit. In contrast to other drugs, it is the nicotine from tobacco that carries the many poisonous and cancer-producing substances found in cigarettes, besides the additional toxins that are manufactured during the smoking process through chemical reaction.

Their are more than 4,000 hazardous compounds present in the smoke drawn into the lungs of one who takes a puff off a cigarette. These compounds are then released into the air as second hand smoke invading the organs and tissues of the non-smoker, adults, and innocent children. There are many other chemicals added to cigarettes (without regard to your health), by the tobacco manufacturers to make you more able to tolerate the toxic amounts of cigarette smoke. These toxic substances in cigarette smoke destroy the lungs, kidneys, liver, cause headaches, migraines, brain damage, etc. As the tobacco industry saying goes, "An addicted customer is a customer for life, no matter how short that life is."

According to chemists at the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, cigarette smoke is 10,000 times more concentrated than automobile pollution. Over 6000 billion cigarettes are consumed annually in the U.S. alone. Over 2.25 million metric tons of second-hand smoke chemicals are polluting the enclosed air space of homes, offices, bars, restaurants, and automobiles in this country.

Here are a few common additives to cigarettes other than tobacco

Ammonia: Household cleaner.
Angelica root extract: Know to cause cancer in animal testing.
Arsenic: Used in rat poisons.
Benzene: Used in making synthetic rubber and dyes.
Butane: Gas used in lighter fluid.
Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas.
Cadmium: Used in batteries.
Cyanide: Deadly poison.
DDT: Banned insecticide.
Ethyl furoate: Know to cause liver damage in animals.
Lead: Poisonous in high doses.
Formaldehiyde: Used to preserve dead specimens.
Methoprene: Insecticide.
Megastigmatrienone: Chemical found in grapefruit juice.
Maltitol: Sweetner for diabetics.
Napthalene: Ingredients in mothballs.
Methyl isocyanate: Highly poisonous substance.
Polonium: Cancer-causing radioactive element.

Here's the kicker... Many of these poison substances found in cigarette smoke are subject to strict regulation by federal laws. However, on the other hand, they are specifically exempt from tobacco products. These brewed up poisons from the cigarette companies are invading the health of the smoker as well as the non-smoker causing cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, just to name a few. Studies have shown that smoking addiction has killed more people in a few days than cocaine deaths in a whole year, and 15 times more deaths per year than from opioid abuse.

Look at the role models, glamor, and all the sophisticated enticing advertising these legal drug pushing cigarette companies use to target a growing youngster. They want to hook them at a young age, so they have them for life. Woman have been extensively targeted in tobacco marketing. Teenage girls often start to smoke to avoid weight gain and to identify themselves as independent and glamorous because of tobacco advertising. Cigarette companies advertise their product as causing slimness and that cigarette smoke suppresses appetite. Warning! Smoking is directly responsible for 80% of lung cancer deaths in woman each year.

Tobacco products are one of the most marketed consumer products in the U.S. In one year, the five largest tobacco manufacturers spent a total of $8.4 billion, or more than $23 million dollars a day-to promote and advertise their products. Here is a warning to all you stock holders that share in the cigarette profits. (A cigarette company stock is a death stock). You become part of the cigarette problem that causes "death" to two and one-half to three million people worldwide. The bottom line... Cigarettes Kill!


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