What to expect in your first dispensary visit: My wife and I visited the Rise dispensary in Erie, PA over the memorial day weekend. We were excited about our first visit, and the experience was everything we expected. As you enter the dispensary you are greeted by a very friendly receptionist where you check in with your medical card and ID. "Smile, your on camera." (State of the art security is required in the cannabis industry). Once you check in, the receptionist will buzz you into the waiting area where you are greeted by the security guard. My wife and I had a seat in the beautiful lounge area where we filled out a brief history form, then we were greeted by our assigned pharmacist.

After a friendly hand-shake greeting, we entered a private room and our pharmacist immediately made us feel right at home. He was very easy to talk with, professional, and very knowledgeable about the cannabis medicines available, and how we may benefit from different types of applications. After about a 20-30 minute conversation he knew exactly what we needed for our qualifying medical conditions.

Now that we completed our one time required consultation, it was time to visit the actual dispensary. The pharmacist brought us into the dispensary room and we were at awe. You first enter into a beautiful spa like atmosphere looking upon the sales stations and counters lined up in the room. Our pharmacist introduced us to our sales assistant (also know as bud-tenders), to help us with our needs. We had a young woman as our assistant and she was awesome. She presented us with a menu of all the products that were available and answered all the questions we had with expertise and helpful recommendations. "Keep up the good work."

The dispensary carries a broad line of products with a menu that is updated on a regular basis. Many of their products are produced right here in Pennsylvania benefiting our community. Overall our experience was great and we look forward to the future success of Rise dispensary and their professional staff.


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