Medical grade vaporization for better health: Medical marijuana vaporizers used with cannabis oils are very popular and probably most prescribed among the medical marijuana community. However, vaporizers have become just as popular for those who use flower marijuana where is has become legal. Vaping has proven to be a much healthier method of using marijuana as compared to smoking a pipe or joint.

You may be totally surprised at the choices when trying to pick the best vaporizer for medical marijuana consumption. However, they all work basically the same by heating the marijuana or cannabis extract at a cooler temperature (usually 280-400 degrees), than required burning combustion. At these lower temperatures, just the active ingredients like (THC-CBD), will turn to vapor without all the bad ingredients that come with combustion.

End result is a clean vapor to inhale without all the harmful chemicals found in whatever you are smoking. You see, burning marijuana flower by combustion can release harmful by-products that can lead to respiratory problems to some individuals. Vaping marijuana is a cleaner high (clear headed), and brings out the true taste of the strain you vape. Whether you are vaping cannabis oils, concentrates, or dry flower, patients have found vaporizers to be one of the most efficient method for marijuana intake.

Medical Grade Vape Pens

Vaporizers have become very popular among the medical marijuana community and is considered the healthiest method for inhaling concentrates. Disposable vape pens and cartridge vaporizers have become the most popular and easy to use. There are many different varieties of vape pens and vaporizers, so ask your dispensary pharmacist or bud tender to help you decide on what is best for you. Beware of cheap bootleg vape pens and concentrates sold on the street. They contain low amounts of THC and contain harmful additives that are very bad for your health.

Always stick to certified medical grade cannabis flower, oils, and concentrates, only sold at legal dispensaries in your state. Strict regulations and testing for grow facilities are required in the medical marijuana industry. "Know where your grow comes from."


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