Top 10 Pa dispensary strains for 2019: It has been another banner first year for Pa cannabis grow facilities as we end the season. Over 100 cannabis strains hit the shelves of Pa dispensaries in 2019. Once again the quality of the dry leaf marijuana has been pretty consistent and good. Prices for dry leaf dropped from last year, and average $40 to $60 an eighth oz.. I believe we will see prices fall even a little more in the near future. But, earlier this year, RiSe Erie has started a 5% points reward program for every dollar you spend. Plus, seniors over 65 like myself receive an additional 10% discount on all RiSe products, which brings the price down considerably. Again Rise has been right on top with Pa dispensaries, striving to provide quality product, competitive pricing, and a friendly knowledgeable staff. Below are my top ten favorite strains for 2019 purchased from RiSe Dispensary located in Erie, Pennsylvania. We have added a few new grow facilities from Pa that came out with some tasty buds.


Blue Dream: (Sativa) $60 1/8 oz. What can't you say about this strain, looks good and smells of fresh blueberries. The taste is sweet and the buzz is a perfect Sativa/Indica blend making it an afternoon delight. I have tried a couple different strains of this and in my opinion Rythm brand is the best so far.

Strawberry Banana: (Hybrid) $60.00 1/8 oz. Indica dominant hybrid, taste sweet with a uplifting effects followed by nice body buzz that's not to overwhelming. One of my favorite Rythm strains.

Brownie Scout: (Indica) $60.00 1/8 oz. This is a powerful indica strain that has a heavy body buzz and enjoyable high for the more experienced user. May be a little overwhelming for new patients. Becoming one of my favorites.

Gorilla Glue #4: (Hybrid) $60 1/8 oz. (Rough cut) $55 1/8 oz. One of may favorite strains that always performs. Indica dominant with a super high THC level. Very sugary buds with a chemical like chocolate sweet taste. Another go to for my chronic pain, but works well for a number of symptoms. Works real well in a vaporizer.

Prime Wellness

Sour Blueberry #2: (Hybrid) $60 1/8 oz. Love this strain for it's cosmetics, smell, and taste. Definitely my go to strain when in stock. This one came in a little stronger with a higher THC level, real nice day or nigh time strain. Works well for chronic pain, relaxing or just chillin' out.

Legend of 91: (Sativa) $60 1/8 oz. High THC content, herbal sweet taste and borderline psychedelic head high accompanied by a relaxing numbing body high, what can I say; "It's a legend." Works nice for my chronic pain.


Coco Bomb Kush: (Indica) $60 1/8 oz. Kush fans will love this strain with it's earthy cent and citrusy tangy flavor. Nice cerebral high followed by a powerful body buzz. Pure relaxation any time of the day.


Dark Blue Dream: (Sativa) $40 1/8 oz. Nice day time strain with light blueberry taste and uplifting high that will not make you to anxious for a sativa. Another good deal for the money that sells out fast.

Grass Roots

Birthday Cake: (Indica) $60 1/8 oz. Also know as wedding Cake, this indica dominant strain has pretty soothing body effects, sweet taste, and works well for treating pain and inflammation. One of my favorites of grass roots


Bio Jesus: (Indica) $60 1/8 oz. Best for evening use with powerful relaxing effects to the mind and body. Good for chronic pain with it's High THC content and sugary buds. Best smoked in vaporizer.


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