Too high too soon the paranoid effect: Anyone with experience in smoking bud, vaping concentrates, or eating cannabis edibles can tell you they may have gotten too high at times. Maybe they have just smoked to much, inhaled to deeply, or have eaten to many edibles only to find out that they kicked in a couples hours to late. This can at times give even the most experienced smoker an uncomfortable overwhelming feeling.

Today cannabis is much stronger than in previous years, especially with the use of cannabis concentrates that can be as high as 70% THC. Even cannabis bud today can reach as high as 30% THC content. Another thing to consider is when drinking alcohol and smoking, or vaping cannabis. Cannabis is an intensifier, and if you consume it while drinking alcohol, you can become very high. You may even experience dizziness and nausea feelings. Never drink, smoke cannabis and drive; that's a no, no!

Below are a few tips to counteract a cannabis high

Know you limits

Everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to consuming cannabis. Just because your friends can handle a big amount when consumed does not mean you can keep up. Don't be pressured into taking more than you can handle or the effects may be unpleasant. Take it slow at first until your tolerance becomes built up. If you smoke from a vaporizer, take one hit and wait about 10 minutes before you try another. When eating edibles, try to eat a smaller standard dose (10 mg), at first. Wait at least an hour or two before increasing your dosage.

Don't panic

You might feel a little too high and anxious at first, but if you just wait it out, you will begin to calm down. There have been zero cannabis overdoses reported in history, so even if you overdo it on the cannabis intake, you will be just fine in a while. "The key is to not panic and wait it out."

Hydrate and fuel the body

Drink plenty of plain water or juice and stay away from caffeinated drinks. Cold water is always good to combat the side effects of dry mouth. A little snack can always bring you down a little if your feeling to high. (Try some fruit, nuts, hard candy, or a stick of gum). Another trick some swear by is to sniff, or chew on few black peppercorns for instantaneous relief. "Give it a try it works."

Get a little active

If your not to dizzy try taking a little walk, or enjoy some outside activities. Take in some fresh air and enjoy a change of scenery, or if you can't go outside, play some video games to distract your mind from the high.

Try to relax

Take a shower, or hot bath, kick back and relax to some nice tunes or videos. If you become a little tired, lay down, take a nap, and the intense feeling will pass. A little meditation can also help reduce the feeling of a to high state.

Consume some CBD

For many people with too high reactions to THC, may find quick relief in using CBD. They have found that CBD is an excellent anxiety-fighting compound that can actually counteract an excess amount on THC. CBD has the ability to moderate the effects of THC wich can relieve the anxiety and paranoid side effects of too much THC.

Bottom line... Don't overdo it and get too high. Keep it real and follow the advice of your medical marijuana doctor, dispensary physician, or bud tender. They are trained to know the products they are selling and will always give you the knowledge you need to have a comfortable medicating session.


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