Products that can be made form hemp: Hemp has been around for human use for thousands of years, and rope was one of it's main uses. Back in the 18th century, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew acres of hemp for this same use. But today we have many more uses for hemp, and are discovering new uses everyday. Below are some uses for hemp that you may not have heard of recently, so here is a list of some new products where hemp is used today with many more to come.

Milk: For those who have problems digesting dairy, have other options such as soy, rice, almond, and cashew milk. But now there is a new alternative called hemp seed milk, and hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious. "Go green and give it a try, it's not bad."

Beer: It appears that beer and hemp are the perfect match. That's because hops and cannabis are like botanical cousins. There are a few breweries around the country that are making cannabis-infused beer giving it a interesting weed like earthy flavor.

Sunscreen: Hemp can be used as a base for making a highly effective sun screen and is a great skin conditioner.

Soap: Because hemp has a high level of fatty substances, it is an excellent base for making soap. Forget the fancy soap ads promising softer anti-aging skin, and go for natural healing brands made for hemp.

Shoes & Clothes: Many companies are using hemp textiles to make shoes and clothing. Hemp can be turned into fabric which then can be turned into any clothing, a ball cap, or a pair of canvas shoes.

Hempcrete: This is a new product to the building industry, the hempcrete material is strong, durable, and makes a great insulator. This will be a wave of the future when it comes to home and building construction, because hemp grows much faster than trees used for lumber. "Save the forests, build with hemp."

Paper: Well, hemp paper may not be that new, but is becoming more popular among manufacturers. Again, industrial hemp is much cheaper and takes less time to grow than trees.

Hemp flour: This is a gluten free, nutritious, and excellent source of energy. The seed flour contains 33% protein. Hemp flower is easily digested, and perfect for those who have nut, gluten, and wheat allergies.

Burgers: Ever tried a tasteless veggie burger? Here is a better solution by Good Seed Burgers. They have developed a hemp seed based burger that is packed with protein. The burger also contains superfoods like chia seeds, wild-crafted seaweeds, sprouted beans and grains. Enjoy the savory, nutty flavor, with a hint of mild spice.

Protein powder: Hemp seeds may be considered the super-food of the century. Hemp seeds contain protein, good fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients. Hemp protein powder is also an alternative to protein powders that use dairy in their product.

Hemp flavored water: This is hemp's version of vitamin water called Hemp2-O. This herbal water has vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C and Omega 3. With all of these essential amino-acids supporting muscle growth is low in saturated fats. With organic ingredients, Hemp 2-O has antioxidant properties, essential fatty acids, and is gluten-free.

Biofuel: This one really aggravates the petroleum fuel companies. Hemp can be processed into biodiesel and ethanol, which can both be used as a cost-efficient fuel that are cheaper than petroleum fuels. "Hemp biofuels are far more eco-friendly."

Supercapacitors: Researchers are now working on nanosheets made from hemp rather than very expensive graphene nanosheets. The new hemp technology performs well and will make supercapacitors more commercially viable.

CBD oils & and balms: This product has just begun its run on popularity in the medical community as well as the general public. Industrial hemp can be used to make medical-grade CBD oil. It is considered to be legal under federal law because it does not contain enough THC to be considered a psychoactive drug. From oils to balms hemp CBD products are becoming a clear choice among patients who want some of the medical benefits of cannabis without the high. However, to get the full medical benefits from cannabis, you still need the whole flower from the marijuana plant, or extractions made from the whole flower bud of the marijuana plant.


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