Popcorn bud, devils lettuce, and shake: You may have heard the words popcorn bud, shake, or devils lettuce referring to cannabis, but what do they actually mean. When cannabis is cultivated and harvested, many parts of the marijuana plants are used for different purposes. Harvesting of those huge looking delicious colas saturated with sugary looking hazy trichomes does not mean you will see these beautiful nugs at your local dispensary. The majority of the top shelf buds that are fully developed and ripe for picking are used for making extracts, pills, tinctures and topicals, rather than being sold as flower bud for smoking and vaping.

Popcorn bud (rough cut), is usually what you see when you purchase 1 gram or 1/8 oz. at your dispensary. These are smaller buds located from the mid to lower part of the cannabis plant. If harvested at the right time and cured properly, these popcorn buds can taste good and deliver the desired effects as expected. However, if you ever had the chance to smoke, or vape one of those awesome top colas you see in the high times centerfold, you will feel and taste the difference between a popcorn bud and a fully developed center cola, or upper part of the plant nug.

Devils lettuce is a mix of little buds harvested from the bottom of the cannabis plant that are sometimes wispy and not fully developed. Many dispensaries sell these scraggly buds at about half the price of regular flower bud. If from a good strain, these little leftovers can give you fair results at a good price. (There is a CBD dominant strain they call devils lettuce, but for the most part, devils lettuce is a west coast product that contains a mix of undeveloped small buds).

Shake is the fine part of the cannabis plant that falls off during harvest and processing. You will find that many of the pre-rolled joints sold by dispensaries are rolled with the shake of the cannabis plant, rather than the colas. The shake can be tasty at times and give you the desired effects because the shake gets a lot of the sugary trichomes falling to the bottom of the batch. The shake can also contain a little kief (the fine powder that falls of the buds), that adds to its flavor and potency.

Bottom line, all parts of the cannabis plant can be good and fit the budget of most consumers. Do your research and keep track of the company brands of cannabis flower that you purchase. You will find that some grow facility companies give you better size nugs than others. Also look for freshness and properly cured and dried buds. Properly dried and cured organic cannabis flower should be smooth tasting, not harsh of the throat, and if rolled and smoked in a joint will burn light colored ash staying lit till the end.


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