Pennsylvania medical marijuana program for seniors going to pot part 2: In our last article we were discussing the high cost of cannabis products and how it is effecting our seniors that are on fixed incomes. After contacting some of the grow facilities in the Pennsylvania area about the problem concerning prices for seniors, I received some promising responses. The one's who did respond understood about the high prices for start-up that needs to be passed on to the consumer. They also said that they would look into the matter and do their best to lower prices in the future, keeping them competitive with other states.

The problem is that the dispensaries cannot lower their prices until the growers drop theirs. However, the dispensaries can help lower the cost by buying more from the grow facilities that are more competitively priced compared to other states. Dispensaries can also lower prices to help patients by giving incentive programs, or discounts to seniors and military patients.

Here in Erie Pa. we have Rise Dispensary that has been open since April 2018, and I have seen their prices come down on several products over the past six months. They also introduced a rewards point program that gives you credit for every dollar you spend. Very cool... The rise management is very professional, caring and creative, I believe they will be the front runners when it comes to helping our seniors, military personnel, as well as all medical marijuana patients in the future.

If the State works together with community patients, grow facilities, dispensaries, and medical marijuana doctors, we will find a happy medium that will benefit us all. The laws need to change for those medical patients who need to grow their own. As for the grow facilities and dispensaries, It's just a matter of time before the real competition starts as in other states. Those who are on top of things will survive, those who get to greedy will not.

Contact your public officials, medical marijuana patients need to be allowed to grow their own marijuana: The only way for many seniors to continue on their medication is to let them grow their own cannabis plants. This would not hurt the cannabis industry in any way. There is still plenty of money to be made off patients who can afford the higher price of medical marijuana. Lets take care of our cannabis using seniors; as I said before, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be where we are today in the cannabis industry.


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