Medicinal strains of cannabis high in CBD: In today's cannabis market, CBD related products have become more popular among marijuana users. For years strains with the highest THC content have been the favorites for recreational cannabis use. However, times are changing and we are finding many more benefits from the cannabis plant. It's not just the high that people are looking for anymore when it comes to cannabis. Yes, most marijuana users like the energetic or relaxing buzz you get when using cannabis, but now they are realizing there is much more to benefit from the full spectrum of the plant.

High CBD strains have become more appealing to recreational marijuana users due to there therapeutic effects on the body and mind. It is the CBD (cannabidiol), the second most abundant compound found in cannabis (THC being the first). CBD can provide non-intoxicating, relaxing, physical relief through various applications. However, it has been established that the combination of CBD and Terpenoids have a synergistic (multi-target), effect when combined with THC. Below is a list of strains from the highest to the lowest CBD content.

Here are the most popular CBD strains of marijuana

AC/DC THC 6% - CBD 20%

Charlotte's Web THC 1% - CBD 20%

Avi-Dekel THC 1% - CBD 16%

Cannatonic THC 13% - CBD 15%

One to One THC 14% - CBD 14%

Mai Tai Cookies THC 12% - CBD 12%

Harlequin THC 13% - CBD 10%

Afghan Kush THC 21% - CBD 6%

Critical Mass THC 19% - CBD 5%

Mikey Kush THC 22% - CBG 3%

OG Kush THC 19% - CBD 3%

Sour Diesel THC 26% - CBD 2% - CBN 4%

Skywalker OG THC 22% - CBD 2%

Blue Dream THC 17% - CBD 2%

There are many more CBD strains being developed everyday in the medical marijuana industry. Consult with your bud tender to keep you up to date on new strains that come available.


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