Medical marijuana and health insurance: The big question now is... Will your insurance company cover medical marijuana products? Well, while the federal law still considers marijuana to be a schedule 1 substance under the controlled substances act, health insurers will not foot the bill for cannabis medicine until marijuana is reclassified. Before the insurance companies will even consider individual coverage, the medical treatment of cannabis must be approved by the FDA.

But, because of the power of the drug companies, there are some insurance companies that will cover synthetic imitation THC (Marinol), for aids and chemotherapy patients for nausea and appetite loss. However, these synthetic imitation drugs can cause depression, headaches, and sleep issues as the most common side affects. In Pennsylvania I know that some insurance companies will cover your medical marijuana doctor visit and certification, but will not cover any cannabis products you purchase from your local dispensary. Check with your family doctor for more information on coverage.

What do I say when applying for insurance

Depending on the type of insurance you are applying for (health or life), you may, or may not need to have a medical exam, or drug test. The most important thing is not to lie to the insurance company. If you toke-up for recreation, or have a medical card, let them know. If you lie to them this is considered fraud and your claim may be rejected. Each insurance company has their own conditions for marijuana users and their consumption. Check with your insurer to see what their conditions and criteria are before applying for coverage.

What about workman's compensation

More states are starting to rule in favor of patients on workman's compensation for medical marijuana coverage of products. Check with your attorney, and the state laws concerning workman's comp coverage, and you may be able to be reimbursed for your cannabis product.

Bottom line, we are a still a little ways form insurance coverage for our cannabis products, but more states will get on board to pass new laws to help patients pay for their prescribed marijuana medication. As for now, many dispensaries across the country offer discounts on various products that they sell to ease up on your out-of-pocket cost for your meds. Ask your dispensary to keep you informed by email when they have discount products, or upcoming sales; they will be glad to assist you.


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