Don't give me no lines and keep your joints to yourself: Cannabis has always been the social high of choice since the early 60's and has exploded over the years. The most common way of smoking and sharing cannabis has always been in joint form. Twisting one up and passing it around to your friends was always the cool thing to do. Well, until now. Things have changed over the past few years since marijuana has moved into the medical field. Today cannabis is not just about socializing and partying, but more about medicating. Times are changing and if we are going to take medical marijuana seriously, we need to stop using it as just a party favor.

Passing on what you puff

We all know that passing a joint, a pipe, or a vape-pen is not the smart thing to be doing right now with the coronavirus, flu, and other viruses. They are selling personal vape-pens, personal vaporizers, and other ways to consume cannabis for a reason. You can be sociable and even still party with your friends when it comes to cannabis consumption, just do it in a safe manner. "Forget passing the pipes and joints." Invest in a personal vaporizer or vape-pen, and keep it for yourself. If you need to share a joint... Twist one up, cut it in half and enjoy.

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