Cannabis dosing for tinctures, patches, topicals, and edibles: It's not uncommon for a cannabis user to experience an uncomfortable high at times. This is usually caused by consuming to much THC. When you are talking medical marijuana, you will see terms used such as dosage (the amount and type of cannabinoids used), consumption (how your dosage will be taken), state (the mental and physical feeling immediately and during use).

Medical cannabis dosing: Dosing depends on the strain being used. The THC, or CBD content in the strain you select will determine how much you should use. The higher the THC content, the more psychoactive effects will be felt. Higher CBD content and lower THC strains will still give you the medical benefits, but with less of the psychoactive effects. Note, a novice user will get more psychoactive effects as opposed to the experienced user at first. Start with smaller doses until you become familiar with your bodies tolerance.

Consumption: This is the way you consume your marijuana for medical benefits. (Smoking, vaping, tinctures, patches, pills, edibles, etc.).

Tinctures: When consuming tinctures (liquid cannabis concentrate), they are usually administered sublingually by drops. Just a few drops (2-4), under the tongue is often a good starting dose. The effects of Tinctures should be felt within 10-20 minutes, depending on the individual.

Transdermal patches: Another way of consuming cannabis concentrate is through a transdermal patch. They come in a variety of strengths usually (10-20mg), of cannabinoids. The patch releases the cannabinoids and is absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects are felt within 20-60 minutes. Again, start with a smaller dose and work your way up.

Pain creme and lotions: These are cannabis infused topicals that are applied directly to the skin where the pain and inflammation exist. They are non-psychoactive, so no need to worry about overdoing it. Use as directed and apply as desired for pain relief.

Edibles, butter, and oils: Cannabis infused edibles come in a variety of food and drinks and are a little different when it comes to using these products as compared to other methods of consumption. The main difference is the delay in time that it takes for edibles to take effect. (Usually 1-2 hours). The delay in relief will take more time, but the effects of the edibles (especially psychoactive), can last longer with a more intense effect compared to other methods of consumption. (The rate of drug metabolism can vary significantly for different patients).

When ingesting edibles it is important that you start low (1-5mg), of THC. In most legal states the average single serving amount of THC for edibles is (10mg). Experienced users may need higher doses (10-20mg), per serving. It can take up to (2 hrs.) to feel the effects of edibles, so start with low doses. You can always eat more later once you know how you feel. (It is important that you stay hydrated when ingesting edibles).


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