Cannabis dosing for flower and concentrates: It's not uncommon for a cannabis user to experience an uncomfortable high at times. This is usually caused by consuming to much THC being smoked, or vaporized. When you are talking medical marijuana, you will see terms used such as dosage (the amount and type of cannabinoids used), consumption (how your dosage will be taken), state (the mental and physical feeling immediately and during use).

Lets start with dosing: Dosing depends on the strain being used. The THC, or CBD content in the strain you select will determine how much you should use. The higher the THC content, the more psychoactive effects will be felt. Higher CBD content and lower THC strains will still give you the medical benefits, but with less of the psychoactive effects. Note, a novice user will get more psychoactive effects as opposed to the experienced user at first. Start with smaller doses until you become familiar with your bodies tolerance.

Consumption: This is the way you consume your marijuana for medical benefits. The most common way to consume flower cannabis is in a joint, or pipe. Smoking an average size joint will give you around 25 hits (or doses), in one sitting. The effects will be felt almost immediately and can last for up to 4 hours. However, this is illegal in Pennsylvania for now. Flower cannabis is legal, but for medical use it can only be vaporized.

When vaporizing cannabis flower, the amount used, and the effects are a little different than smoking a joint, blunt, or bowl. When you smoke a joint, or a bowl, you are using combustion to smoke your material. You are not only getting the THC, but are also inhaling the junk (carcinogens and tar), you really don't need. Vaporization heats cannabis bud, or concentrate through (conduction, or convection), to a certain temperature (310-440 degrees), which causes the cannabinoids to turn into a gas without combusting the material.

State of mind and body: As with smoking a joint, or bowl, the effects of vaporizing cannabis will be felt almost immediately and can last up to 4 hours. The average flower vaporizer (like the Pax-II), will give you around 15 hits (or doses), in one loading of the vaporizer. However, I find that the high is much cleaner and the taste is more true to the strain. Some strains taste amazing when vaporized. Another advantage of vaporization is that you use about half as much material as you would in a joint for the same effect, which makes it more cost affective.

When using concentrates, remember that they are much higher in THC, or CBD, than flower bud. Concentrates range from 60%-70% THC content, where flower bud is usually between 15%-25% THC content, making concentrates 3-4 times more potent. If you are new to concentrates (common among medical users), start slow with only a few hits (doses), at first until your body becomes more tolerant to the strain you are using. Always ask your pharmacist, or bud tender what will be best for you and your medical condition, especially if you are a novice user.


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